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Product Selection

Over 35,000 SKU’s and growing!

A key to Associated Grocers success is our utilization of the combined
purchasing power of our diverse Independent Retailers.
This focus enables Associated Grocers to stock and support over 35,000
SKU’s at the lowest possible cost. Associated Grocers supports the
following departments and categories:

• Grocery
• Dairy
• Eggs
• Frozen Foods
• Ice Cream
• Meat
• Deli
• Produce
• Tobacco, Cigarettes
• Candy
• Health and Beauty Care
• General Merchandise
• Store Supplies

Partnership & Crossdock Programs

Associated Grocers has partnered with leading Manufactures and Distributors.
We offer our retailers the convenience of both centralized invoicing as well as
the opportunity to receive cross dock vendors via your Associated Grocers delivery. From Milk to Bread, Specialty Goods and Store Services your needs can be met with our partnership programs.
Here are just a few examples of our program vendors:

• Kehe Specialty Foods
• Promotions Unlimited
• Flora Foods
• Sun City Produce
• Medina Baking
• Windsor Marketing (POS)
• News America
• DSD Milk
• Cheney Brothers Inc.
• Flowers Baking Company
• Lisy Spice Corporation
• Monel
• Premier Greeting Cards
• Rug Doctor
And Many More…

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