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SUPERVALU portfolio of Store Brand programs offer its customers customized options and an extensive mix of products in premium, first quality, and value quality levels ranging from center store to perishable categories.

Shurfine and Food Club:
SUPERVALU flagship brands designed for consumers who want to do an even better job taking care of their families while saving money.
Our Shurfine and Food Club programs offer an extensive variety of grocery products to meet the needs of today’s customers.
The Shurfine and Food Club names “Guarantee” first quality products consistent or often better than their national brand counterparts always at a lower price.
Much like Shurfine, Shurfresh offers a national brand equivalent product throughout the perishable category.
For today’s savings oriented families, Shurfresh delivers freshness, variety and quality in an extensive line of frozen, dairy, eggs, Milk, bread and packed meats products.
As a benefit to the retailer, Shurfine and Shurfresh will generate greater margins while building consumer loyalty.

Paws Premium Pet Care:
The Paws Premium Pet care line offers a 100% solution for the pet owner looking to care for their special family member, Paws Premium provides a complete range of high quality pet food, treats, toys and accessories with quality as good or better that national brands.

To appeal to the Value -conscious consumer seeking most affordably priced Brand alternatives.
Value time brand products offer a variety of products in all categories for the budget minded Family while maintaining satisfactory quality.
The Valutime brand product line provides the best defense against limited assortment competitors.

Top Care :
For Shoppers responsible for taking care of their Households health and Beauty care needs.
Top Care represents the variety, selection, high quality while offering an “every day low cost”. Top Care Products maintain the same FDA regulated formulas as the other branded O.T.C. items and is trusted as a smarter alternative.
H.B.C. items are large contributors to overall store profits when managing a solid H.B.C. program.

IGA: Since 1926, IGA’s name and red oval logo have symbolized quality, pride and value to grocery shoppers around the US. In the late 1980s, IGA began attracting interest from other countries and cultures, leading to an international expansion that began in Japan and Australia. Today, IGA has operations in 48 of the United States and more than 40 countries, commonwealths and territories on all six inhabited continents.
All IGA stores are independently owned and operated, meaning decisions regarding policy, price and procedures are made by the individual storeowner – not IGA, INC. The benefit of this arrangement is obvious. IGA gives the retailer the size and strength to compete in the marketplace, yet maintain the flexibility and autonomy of a local business operator. All IGA stores have a Licensed Distribution Center to help meet business and marketing needs. As a Licensed Distribution Center, SUPERVALU is proud to be a part of the IGA family.
IGA’s exclusive store brand product line, IGA Brand, has provided customers a wide variety of products for more than 75 years. With colorful and modern packaging on the outside and high quality ingredients on the inside, IGA Brand offers customers a smart, low cost alternative to national brands.
IGA Brand maintains a standard of quality equal to or better than national brands. Each of the more than 2,300 items must meet stringent quality specifications that equal or surpass USDA and FDA standards. Our products are randomly selected at IGA stores throughout the year and tested again to ensure our standards are being met. As a result of our dual testing process, IGA retailers can feel confident carrying the IGA Brand. Also, IGA shoppers can feel comfortable taking a top-of-the-line product home to their families.

Full Circle :
Full Circle is a preferred “Health and Wellness” Brand you can trust to always be great tasting , 100% natural and /or organic , and environmentally friendly.
Full Circle brand products provide a more healthful eating experience for the entire family at an affordable price.
Offers health minded great tasting solutions for a growing Niche market for sales and profit enhancements.


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