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Customer Business Tools

As an SUPERVALU Customer, we provide you with an online tool to communicate with SUPERVALU. Through this tool you have the ability to view and download your price books, upcoming price changes, invoices and statements, record and review claims, place orders, get new product and marketing information, plus many more activities. The Customer Business Tool (CBT) is just one more way that SUPERVALU makes managing your business easier.
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Pricing and Price tag management

Our Retail Services Department is constantly reviewing competitors’ prices, promotional events and local merchandising trends, and applying their observations to our Recommended Retails Prices and our Temporary Price Reduction programs. These prices are then tailored for each customer so they can remain competitive in each of their respective markets. Each customer has the choice of receiving their price changes electronically or in print, and on our own top quality shelf tag stationery. SUPERVALU also offers the ‘More For Me” program to compare the ShurFine and IGA retails to the National brands showing the customers a value when choosing the Private Label brands.
In the Retail Services Department we think retail because that’s our business.
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Pricing and Price Tag Management

Electronic Ordering and Customer Ordering Devices

SUPERVALU has partnered with CipherLab, a world leader in handheld scanning and mobile computing, to bring a world class mobile ordering device into your business. Through the CipherLab handheld ordering unit you can place orders or request replacement shelf tags by simply scanning a product or shelf tag and transmitting the request over the internet.
We can accept orders electronically via CipherLab units, via FTP, over the Web, or simply via excel files accommodating any level of sophistication necessary to manage your order securely.
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Electronic Ordering and Address

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